Monday, February 14, 2011

Thessaloniki II

During the same trip, we went to the sea side for some great food. Next to the taverna was a small port with a lot of yachts waiting for the spring to come.


  1. Man, like always, great photograph! I love the reflection of the masts on the water, It looks like if someone had made a shaky line of thick paint on the water, it has even kind of a texture... Actually you could try to take out the buoys, no? :)
    Hope to see you soon and keep posting!

  2. Cool, the idea with the paint is exactly the effect I had in mind when I took the picture. I'm happy you saw it in the same way! I actually liked the buoys , as a contrast both in color and shape. Maybe I try removing them just to see how the picture will look like without them. Thanks for the idea ;)



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