Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flying back to Athens

While I still remember the excitment during my first flights, it doesn't happen very often anymore that I'm getting really excited by the view from an airplane. However, when flying back from Santorini to Athens, we witnessed an amazing sunset, which bathed the islands on the way as well as Athens in a beautiful light. I couldn't choose between two pictures, so I'm gonna post them both.

Santorini gallery is online

I just uploaded the gallery from out recent trip to Santorini to colors · and · contrasts. Here an image pf the 'indian face' rock, taken from the lighthouse at the south tip of the island. Can you spot the face?

More Santorini

What makes Santorini particularly picturesque is the combination of the unique landscape and its beautiful villages. There are so many corners and views which look just like in a picture book, it's hard to stop taking photographs. What makes the architecture particularly interesting is its rather strict and abstract geometry, which produces a great contrast to the natural shapes of the island. This combined with the exquisite locations of balconies, pools and terraces produces some spectacular views.


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