Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crete holidays

We recently came back from our holidays in Crete. Before I'll manage to upload the gallerly, here some first impressions from this beautiful island.

Morning in Chania

Our ferry arrived around 5:30 am in Chania, so we had to wait for the sun to get up and the hotel to open. Luckily, the hotel had an open terrace with a beautiful view across the old port of Chania and a bench for a short nap before exploring the city.

Kallergi refuge

360° panorama from the Kallergi refuge, that was our home for two nights in the >Lefka Ori<, the White Mountains in the southwest of Crete.

The stars above MiliĆ”

Balos beach

Maybe the most beautiful beach in Crete.

Acrobatic goat

The next step in evolution ...

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