Sunday, February 20, 2011

Linhof III

This is a close-up of the ground glass from the setting shown in the picture above. I strongly tilted the objective- and image planes, which results in a tilted focal plane. While the faces of the dolls are in focus, their feet, which are roughly in the same vertical plane, are out-of-focus. On the other hand, the metal arch in the garden and even the distant branches of the trees are in focus. This technique, which has been used for architectur and landscape photography for many decades, is becoming very popular today for creating the illusion of a miniaturized reality. It is used for both videos and stills and is today typically achieved with tilt-shift lenses (which are insanely expensive) on digital SLR cameras.


  1. hey...

    I am so jealous....I have always wanted a tilt shift...someday I will come by and play with you new the meantime, here's a really cool video made with a tilt shift...


  2. Hey Anand, good to hear from you! Yeah, I'd also love to have tilt-shift. The Linhof is really fun to play around with. I even have some film-plates, maybe I'm atually gonna take some pictures with it ;) You should definitely pass by here! Any plans of coming to Europe soon? Btw, I didn't know this video, it's really cool!
    Cheers, Stephan

  3. wow, the "miniaturizing" effect is insane!! Good to hear from you guys.



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