Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The streets of Hanoi

Finally the first image from our great trip to Vietnam. Since it will take me some time to sort and select from the about 2000 images I brought back (I had probably taken twice as many...), I thought I'll try to post one or two images per week in the blog, before I will manage to upload the galleries.
It was hard to pick the first image - I wanted it to be representative, but that was difficult considering all the things we've seen. Probably the strongest impression though made the streets of Hanoi, were we spend our first days. The crazy traffic, the whole life of the people taking place on the streets, the immediate vicinity of poverty and wealth, all those smells and sights both beautiful and alien to us ... it represented all I had hoped for and found in the old quarter of Hanoi!


  1. Very beautiful, especially the light effects.

  2. Colors and Contrasts are indeed depicted in your first photo.
    Looking forward to the rest :-)

  3. Der flüchtig-eindringliche Blick dunkler Augen zwischen Kegelstrohhut und Mundschutz, improvisorisch installiert auf wackeligem Plastikschemel an Matschpfütze mit überbordend beladenem, rostig-mobilem Blumenladen vor schwarzem Bonzenschlitten inmitten der pulsierenden Stadt...Unglaubliche Momentaufnahme!
    Und ein sehr vielversprechender Einstieg in eine kontrastreiche, farbintensive virtuelle Reise durch Vietnam!



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