Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Floating town

Today a picture from the famous Halong Bay, one of Vietnam's Unesco world heritage sites. The weather could have been better, but the sight of hundred of these islands stretched for kilometer after and kilometer was nevertheless impressive. As impressive was to see how many people literally lived on the water - in floating houses, sometimes isolated and sometimes gathered to form small towns with people constantly commuting between the houses in little boats.


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  2. wow.. this is fascinating!
    the mountains in haze reminds me of typical asian black&white water color paintings.
    i'm glad you two had a great trip. i'll look forward for more! :-)

    yea jin

  3. Hi Yea Jin,
    yeah, the landscape was great and the trip was everything we hoped it would be! We really liked asia a lot and I'm sure we'll be back soon (I hope Ioanna agrees ;) Thanks for your comments, also on the galleries-webpage!!



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