Saturday, March 24, 2012

Analog photography

Remember the analog medium format camera I bought a while ago? Finally I found some time to actually use it and take some pictures in my home town Potsdam. This was also the first time that I developed negatives by myself. These negatives are very large, roughly 9 x 12 cm (or 4 x 5 inches for our american readers) and are actually quite beautiful by themselves. To preserve the large amount of detail contained in them, I 'digitized' them by taking four pictures of each, covering one quarter of the whole negative at a time. Below you can see a first example (some more to come). When you move your mouse over the picture (and wait a moment) you'll see a crop of a part of the image to demonstrate you the amount of detail contained in the original exposure. Note also that the blur was not added in Photoshop, but was realized by tilting the film plane with respect to the lens plane.

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