Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rainy romance

I don't know if it helps anyone to tolerate this weather, but here's a picture from last May - to remind you that it's not only raining in November.


  1. Great photo....until now we have same weather i think...it is raining for one week now...but i hope in may it will be sunny here...so you can come for sun, wine, cheese and to take some nice pectures from my town...where are the photos from portugal????

  2. Hey Katerina, thanks for the comment!! Here in Göttingen we drink some Glühwein to forget the bad weather, I hope you have something similar in Bordeaux. I'm so much looking forward visiting you in your new city, we'll have a great time!
    I know I'm behind with the Portugal pictures, I hope I'll manage to put them before christmas ... I also still haven't posted any pictures from Prague yet.



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